Cardio Dance & Pump with Elise Long

This hour of vigorous dancing set to dance music from around the world, aims to burn about 500 calories, strengthen your heart, lungs and circulation, release endorphins galore and keep you rockin’ for the rest of the day!


For those of you who may want a more balanced, fun and vigorous total body ZOOM workout that will fit within the confines of your bedroom or living room, join STH Director Elise Long mid-day on Thursdays for step aerobics with free weights, stretching and a delicious deep relaxation to end each sweatfest.  Of course we will also dance to music from around the world and across time, and bask in the endorphin rush and energy you are bound to enjoy at the end of each hour.  AND – Spoke the Hub will loan out our steps and weights to anyone signing up for the class, so register now and come pick up your equipment before July 9th if you need it.

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