SPYDEY grew up in in Hollis Queens, home to native hip hop icons like LL Cool J and Run DMC. He taught himself street dance moves and backflips by mimicking Michael Jackson and Usher videos when he was very young. He picked up Breakin' at age 18 after watching it on T.V. and seeing it in his high school’s black history show. In his first year at college, he was introduced to Kid Glyde, son of Mr. Glyde and president of the legendary B-boy Crew “The Dynamic Rockers”. After training and learning about hip hop history from Kid Glyde and Dynamic, Spydey became a member of the Dynamic crew, competing with them in world reknown breaking' competitions like R16 and Outbreak; he has won dance competitions at “Battle for Your Life / New Jersey” and the 610 Mayfield Competition in Pennsylvania.