Modern Dance I-II ages with Mindy Toro

Ready to take some risks? Let’s balance and fall. What kinds of surfaces can we dance on? Floor, stuffed animals, water bottle, paper..? We will explore power in shapes, focus, playful jumps, Class will end with a tranquil cool down to find flexibility in our bodies and you’ll be ready for dinner!

Intro to Cooking at Home!

Kids 12- and up will have the opportunity to learn the basics of cooking by being introduced to preparation, knife skills, chopping, sautéing, with an approach to healthy cooking using healthy oils and an awareness of good fats like avocado. With time permitting and parent permission, we can also explore fun with desserts like custards, […]

Creative Ballet ages 2-3 with Lori Jorgensen

Geared for toddlers and preschoolers, these exploratory creative movement classes focus on developing motor and social skills while using the imagination, songs, structured improvisations, and play activities to lay the foundation for more advanced studies in music and dance.*2-3 years old will explore self and general space, loco-motor movement, rhythm, and venture into imaginary play […]

Action Heros with Eugene Spydey Jordan

High energy, creative dance for boys and girls, incorporating imagination, music, props, stories, and movement games. Students will develop basic motor and rhythmic skills, a beginning dance and music vocabulary, and virtual cooperative social skills while learning about their bodies and discovering that dancing is fun for both boys and girls! We will also draw […]

Intro to Ballet: Ages 6-8 with Sarah Pope

This class introduces students to the traditions of ballet in an open, fun environment, where foundations of ballet technique are administered in an age-appropriate way. Students are encouraged and empowered to foster their strengths in this challenging form of dance, while building a basic ballet vocabulary: the positions of the legs and arms, dancing at […]

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