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For students interested in a traditional Hatha Yoga class consisting of sound vibration, gentle warm-ups, physical postures, deep relaxation, conscious breathing practice and meditation. This is a comprehensive, balanced class with a steady flow. First-time students are welcome.

Accessible Yoga

Integrated Accessible Yoga classes is an inclusive practice.  We will explore the many ways that yoga can be adapted to suit those with disabilities, physical challenges, as well as seniors. Everyone is welcome and my approach to students is done in a trauma-informed way.  Sample Accessible Yoga classes, chair yoga classes, and even bed yoga […]

Yoga for Arthritis w/ Dolores Natividad

Yoga for Arthritis uses the tools of yoga, as they have evolved over thousands of years, to improve the health and well-being of people living with arthritis. Yoga for Arthritis can help you rediscover the freedom of movement and the inner power to live life on your terms. Yoga for Arthritis was developed at a […]

Chair Yoga with Dolores Natividad

Extra Gentle Yoga for students who do not have easeful mobility. The class is a modified version of an Integral Yoga class adapted to the chair! The class structure includes: Sound Vibration,Yoga Poses,Breathing, Meditation and Deep Relaxation integrated in a steady, comprehensive flow. This class is perfect for avid travelers, musicians, and busy New Yorkers who […]

Yoga Core Strength with Dolores Natividad

Gentle Mobility Warm-Ups, 30 Minutes of Strength Exercises using Free weights, Resistance Bands and Ankle Weights, Stability Balls and Rollers. Yoga Poses, Conscious Breathing, and Deep Relaxation will be interwoven as Stress and Pain Management Tools. Register For Class Below

Yoga For Arthritis with Dolores Natividad

Yoga for Arthritis is a Gentle / Restorative and SAFE Hatha Yoga Practice. Join this class for: Stress Reduction, Pain Management, Increase Independence and Confidence! Do you have pain, stiffness, inflammation, damage to cartilage and surrounding structures? Your joints may be compromised and unstable.This class is for RA, OA, Lupus, MS, Parkinson”s, Tendinitis, Fibromyalgia, Epstein”s […]